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Introduction & How I Help People

About me:


Hello, my name is Dr. Kyle Strahm.  I first began learning healing modalities and techniques when I was 17 from my first mentor.  Afterwards, I completed degrees in human nutrition at ASU in 2015 and a naturopathic medical degree from Sonoran University in 2019.  Since my start over 13 years ago, I have studied many different healing systems, techniques, modalities, and healing philosophies in an attempts to truly understand the following questions:


  1. What allows the body to heal itself completely?

  2. What prevents the body from healing itself and keeps it in a perpetual states of disease

  3. What causes us to suffer emotionally and spiritually and how does that relate to the physical body

  4. How can we prevent the body from reaching disease states in the first place?

  5. What are the natural laws the body must adhere to in order to operate optimally as designed?

  6. What is the difference between trying to force the body to change its physiology versus removing the causes which necessitate the dysfunctional behavior? 

  7. How does our past experiences and traumas detrimentally effect our physiology and how can that be reversed? 

  8. What is the symbolic nature of disease and how does it relate to our spiritual nature? 

  9. What is the interrelationship between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies?

  10. What are the most effective methods to stimulate a healing response within the body in a given time period?


While each of these questions deserve an essay of their own to even begin to scratch the surface of what can be known, they have driven me to spend many years in intense study, experimentation, and practice.  The culmination of which has resulted in a well-rounded knowing of how we can truly heal ourselves and how to guide the body efficiently and effectively to a state of deep stillness and awareness which allows healing miracles to occur. 


My philosophy on Healing:

After years and years of studying and working with a wide variety of different types of healers and doctors, I came to the realization that nobody could heal me.  Nobody could do the work for me.  Only I could heal myself, and this is true for everyone else as well.  That is not to say that I was not helped tremendously with my own healings from other people and that I can greatly help others with their healings, but that I and everyone else are the most important factor in the equation. 


We can only heal what we are ready to heal.  We can only change at a rate that we are comfortable with.  For most people, healing is very rare, and changes are minimal over a lifetime.  Suppression of symptoms on the other hand through medications and other means are very common.  Healing cannot be given, it must be earned and strived for. 


Disease, whether it be of the mind or the body, occurs if and only if, it is forced to occur.  The body never makes mistakes, it is the most intelligent design ever created on Earth.  It is infallible.  This means that when it does cause us to suffer, there is a specific reason(s) for it doing so.  The normal way of dealing with this is to try to change the bodies physiology through outside means which are always temporary.  We mistakenly believe that a substance which had no input into the creation of the condition and is foreign to the body is the solution to its problems. 


Instead, if we can understand why the body is being forced to operate in a dysfunctional manner, and how to remove those causes, then the solution becomes clear.  Remove the obstructions to cure, and the healing powers of the body (which are infinitely more powerful than any drug or human) will immediately get to work and correct the dysfunction.  Therefore, my role is not to heal your body, but to identify and remove the obstructions to your own cure.  My role is to help guide your beings infinite intelligence to heal the areas of the body that it is disconnected from


How could I or any other healer/doctor know your body better than you.  No matter how much a person has memorized the biochemical processes within the body, nobody can truly understand how it does what it does.  That secret elixir of our life force will forever remain a partial mystery to even the smartest of us, and it will always be the thing that actually heals the body. 


That being said, there is a scientific way as to how to work with this invisible healing system which has been utilized in a variety of ways all over the world for thousands of years.  My method of healing work draws upon a variety of these artforms which include:

  • Polarity Therapy

  • T.E.P (The Emergence Process)

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • B.E.S.T (Bio-energetic synchronization technique)

  • Acupuncture

  • Reflexology

  • Pranic Healing

  • Sound Therapy – Tuning forks & Sound Bowels

  • Homeopathy

  • Prayer Work

  • Holistic Counseling


What Sessions look like:

Typical appointments are 60 minutes and are ultimately contoured to the needs of the client. 

General Flow of a session:

  • Dialogue about the issues/concerns

  • Tuning in and listening/connecting to the field of the body system and dialoguing with it

  • Determining the major blocks to healing through muscle testing techniques and other modalities

  • Removal of these blocks through nervous system interfaces

  • Activation of the system and body physiology to identify areas of non-coherence and bringing these places “back online”

  • Opening up the blocked energy channels and pathways which are blocking the healing energy from reaching its destination. 

  • Transitioning the system into a state of deep parasympathetic stillness and rest which allows it to communicate with itself in an enhanced way. 

  • Working off the body in the energy fields with sound instruments. 


What is it like to experience?

People can feel a variety of different ways afterwards.  Sometimes people get off the table with an abundance of energy.  Sometimes people get off the table and feel “out of it” or like they just meditated for two hours.  The goal is the allow the body to experience whatever it needs to experience for its greatest good.  This means that sometimes people have experiences of deep bliss and profound awareness while other times people have emotional releases, and the experience is ultimately challenging to them.  Rest assured though that either type of outcome is perfect for that moment.  Most of the time however, people feel extremely relaxed and rejuvenated after a session and leave being able to relate to their issue in a much more harmonious way. 


Cycles of Healing:

Healing is not a linear process, but instead is a cycle of which there are many smaller cycles within larger cycles.

  1. Rest/peace:

  2. Activation:

  3. Chaos:

  4. Disassembly:

  5. Circulation:

  6. Integration:

  7. Remembering/Insight

  8. Rest/Peace:


All healing processes go through these stages.  The importance of this is to understand that each of these phases must be gone through before the thing you are working through can be resolved.  Where a person is within these cycles differs and we can never know for sure where we exactly are.  Therefore, if a person comes in at stage 2: Activation, they cannot expect to jump to the end immediately and be healed of their issue.  This is why sometimes after a session; things can seem to get worse.  This is not bad however, and a necessary step in the road to health. 


To illustrate this, I will give you a person example of how this has worked in my life:

My general issue was wanting to stop a “unhealthy habit” which I was struggling to control.  This thing made me feel like I was powerless, and I believed that it was affecting other parts of my life in a detrimental way.  This is why I went to go get help from a healer.  What was uncovered pretty early on was that my habit was a method for me to cope with and suppress feelings inside that I did not want to feel and address.  So much so, that over the years I had become oblivious to those feelings which were stuck inside of me.  With the help of the healer, I was able to get in touch with these dormant feelings and beliefs.  This put me from stage 2 into stage 3: chaos. 


My life got worse.  I was more emotional, needing more coping mechanisms, etc.  After this, old patterns which were not serving me well started to fall apart in my life.  Change happened.  Stage 4: disassembly.  After more time and effort devoted to myself, things started to find their place and those once dormant emotions started to move through and out of my life and body.  I no longer identified with them.  Stage 5: circulation.  After some more time, I was able to relate to those unhealthy habits in a completely different way.  Instead of trying to force something out which was firmly established within myself, I discovered to root causes of the issue, brought them to the surface, and dissolved them.  Stage 6: integration.  Once this happens, we get insights and epiphanies into how and why this happened for us in the first place and we learn from the experience so that we can grow and evolve.  Stage 7: remembering/insight. 


While this took a number of months to fully resolve, and at times it was a real struggle, it was the only way to truly be free from it.  I could not expect someone else to heal this thing for me.  I had to participate in the healing, because after all, it is my life and my life only. 


It is routine for people who have experienced hardship and struggle in their life to say something akin to, “Even though it was so difficult and painful, I wouldn’t change it for a thing because it made me into who I am today.”  This sentiment is the same with healing.  Sickness and disease within the body and mind are sirens going off which are desperately trying to get your attention to something which we are ignoring within our lives.  Our only purpose here in these lives is to evolve.  The body does not shield us from disease and suffering because it is only when we are stuck in our evolutionary progress that we start to breakdown and malfunction. 


The body and minds problems must be unraveled.  They cannot be run over and threatened into submission. 


Bimodal Nature of the body:

The body is bimodal, which means that it is both biochemical and bioelectric.  It is equally both and can be healed through either mode. 



The biochemical is what the western world knows very well.  It is the physical functioning of the body’s chemistry.  As with all life forms, our bodies require certain environments and inputs on a chemical basis in order to thrive.  If we violate these natural laws, our bodies are destined to eventually express disease states. 


Knowing these natural laws is unfortunately a rarity in today’s culture and it is difficult to find the truth.  I teach people these natural laws so that they can have the full knowledge about how they can heal themselves without the aid of another person.  Our medical system is one of complete dependence on others for our own health.  This is insanity and nobody should ever be dependent on anybody else for their own bodies upkeep and maintenance.  One of our societies biggest problems is complete ignorance about how to take care of the body.  They don’t even teach these things in our medical schools which is why it remains a mystery to the average person and medical professional. 


Healing yourself through the biochemistry is not easy, but it is simple.  For those in really tough situations though, it is extremely important for them to know that there is always hope and that the body does work miracles if we allow it the opportunity to do so. 



The bioelectric is what the Eastern world knows very well.  This includes the energy fields and invisible structures of the body.  These are influenced by our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and spiritual nature.  This mode of the body is as equally as important as the biochemical aspect.  While a lot of bioelectric healing can be accomplished alone, it is extremely beneficial to have assistance and guidance in this realm.  Working with this system is what I typically specialize and focus on within sessions with clients.


Common conditions I work with include but not limited to:

  • Mental/Emotional issues: Depression, Anxiety, Shame, Anger, etc.

  • Nervous system dysregulation: PTSD, Can’t calm down, Chronic Stress, Sleeping issues

  • Detoxification:  Cleansing and diet changes

  • Spiritual blockages:  Feeling suck in life, Disconnected, Feeling lost, etc.

  • Autoimmune & Chronic Conditions



1918 E. Cypress Tree Dr. 

Gilbert, Az, 85234

Gate Code = #8888


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