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Philosophy of Health

Mechanistic (Western) Vs. Holistic (Eastern):

Health and disease management in America is primarily and near exclusively looked at through a mechanistic lens. The body through this approach is broken up into separate categories down to the tiniest detail.  For example, your small intestine is separate and distinct from your heart.  Beyond this, we can look further into the heart and break it down according to its different chambers, functions, and the variety of chemical and hormonal stimuli it reacts to.  If something is not operating as it should, then the mechanistic viewpoint would be to see what can be done biochemically to alter or change the current functioning of the body.  Let's say you are having heartburn or stomach ulcers, the solution would be to administer drugs that block stomach acid production which is what is causing pain in either of these conditions, as it is very abrasive and acidic when outside of the stomach, or if the stomach is injured (ulcer).  Overall, the mechanistic approach aims at altering the faulty functioning of the body by changing the process biochemically with drugs most often, at the physical level.  This is how people end up on dozens of medications. 

In the Holistic approach, and the Strahm-health methodology, the body is viewed as a wholly interconnected, intelligent and self-sustaining organism.  When something “goes wrong” in the body like heartburn or ulcers, as mentioned above, the approach is not to correct the body with drugs, but to uncover the reason why the body is making too much stomach acid in the first place.  If the original cause can be addressed and amended, then the need for permanent life-long drugs becomes unnecessary.

What Runs the Body and Keeps it Alive:

The body is designed and maintained by an intelligence that is beyond human awareness or human intellect.  The amount of second by second biochemical reactions that occur throughout the body are so vast that the fact mentioned above is indisputable.  We can refer to it as the immune system, but even that is severely minimizing the genius of the body.  The question is, if there is this divine intelligence that keeps us alive, why does it sometimes go wrong or even attack itself, in the case of autoimmune disorders? Wouldn’t something so wise be able to troubleshoot any difficulties?  If we cut our finger or roll our ankle, the body will heal the injury every time without our awareness, so how does it let things like cancer manifest inside the body and destroy itself? 

There is an answer to this question, and modern western medicine does NOT have the answer for it.  This is due to the limited scope of perception that a mechanistic approach to the body will guarantee to keep the perceiver blind.  If the body is nothing more than just a bunch of separate pieces to be tinkered around with, we are limited.  That being said, Western medicine is a miracle of healing and absolutely has its time and place in a health care system.  But its effectiveness can only be best achieved in serious injury and acute life-threatening illness.  When it comes to chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic injury and anything mental/emotional, a holistic approach is assuredly the better option. 

Energy Fields/Auras:

There is a divine intelligent energy field around each person that maintains the structure and integrity of the body.  Within this, as like in DNA, is a blueprint for the perfect functioning of a body.  This field is electromagnetic in nature and can be photographed and documented.  For example, with this technology pictures can be taken of seedlings before they sprout that show an electromagnetic field of the adult sprout, and not the seedling.  This shows how the field is a blueprint, a growth template and directs how the physical is to function and/or grow.  It can be reasoned then, that each person’s individual field has the perfect coding for perfect health.  When a person is not in perfect health, it is because the field is either unbalanced or damaged.

Therefore, the quickest and most sustainable approach to healing the body is to heal the field.  If the field can be balanced, the system can course correct itself.  In other words, disease (Dis-Ease) becomes unnecessary.  Physical symptoms are only indicators of ill health, not the cause.  If symptoms are only an after effect of illness, a physical manifestation to show us where we are unbalanced, suppressing symptoms with drugs will only blind our perception to the true cause and origination of the symptoms.  This methodology allows a person to turn a blind eye to their health by just suppressing the symptoms.  This will eventually become unsustainable when bigger and more serious symptoms/diseases manifest as a result of the initial/preceding and smaller symptoms were unresolved. 


This information is nothing new as traditional Chinese medicine has used these same philosophies as the foundation for its healing modalities, primarily in the form of acupuncture for thousands of years.  What traditional Chinese medicine demonstrates is that there are distinct energy meridians throughout the body with specific points along them that affect our physical functioning.  These energy meridians themselves, which correlate to specific organs, are interrelated and expressions of the field as a whole.  First the field becomes unbalanced, this then disrupts the flow of energy through a specific meridian, then this blocked meridian ends up manifesting as a physical symptom.  As humans, we only perceive the symptom, but as mentioned earlier, the real cause has to do with the field.  Thus, it can be presumed that the less energy a field has, which means the lower the vibration of the electromagnetic field, the more symptoms a person will experience.  Recent research has even shown this in that it was determined that less energy reaches the body in pathological conditions and can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms.

“Symptoms indicate interference in the transmission of information, or knowledge, that directs the body’s function.  Interference is caused by timing, toxicity, or thoughts.  Of these, thoughts are the most potent interference-producers.  Timing and toxicity are results or effects; they are end-products of the body responding to stimuli…timing is altered through adjustments.  Toxicity is altered by changing lifestyle or diet.  Timing and toxicity are conditions defined by man’s conscious mind.  Patients may or may not know that their timing is off or that their bodies are toxic.” (The Healing Field - 21)

Thoughts are Things:

Now that we know that symptoms and disease are the result of an unbalanced field, or a blocked energy flow (which in reality are the same things), the next question is, how does this happen?  Simply put, we do it to ourselves.  There are six general pillars to health which include what we: eat, drink, sleep, breath, exercise and think.  Of these, what we think is more influential on our health than all of the other five combined.  Thoughts carry with them emotions.  Emotions have a specific electromagnetic frequency imbued within them that affect our field, for positive or negative.  For example, think about how you feel when you get super nervous, like your stomach has butterflies or your heart seems to be in your throat.  While this may be a simple acknowledgment taken for granted, it points to a greater truth about how our emotions affect our physical functioning.  While we may be unperceptive to it nearly all the time, these thoughts and emotions dictate the flow and balance of our life sustaining/health-defining field Continually.

Negative emotions are dense, they clog and coagulate the free flow of energy in our system.  Think of how slow time passes when you are sad/unhappy, and how fast it goes when you are having a great time.  Our negative emotions slow the flow down, literally.  Over time, these blockages in the energy flow will trickle down through the energy fields layers into the physical body and manifest as symptoms.  This can happen with either short term intense emotions or long-term chronic emotions.  For example, if a person is in a car accident and they were very emotionally shaken up by it, a feeling of fear may persist with them.  This fear is activated every time they are in a car, which is like pouring salt on an open wound, or in our case like telling the energy not to flow.  In this situation, the fear and its corresponding electromagnetic frequency stay in the persons field.  Eventually, the fear will clog the energy flow of their field in some way and eventually manifest as a physical symptom.  This person may end up contracting the flu the following winter, produce a skin rash, or a digestive problem.  The end result is not the problem though, the persons fear, which has not been let go of or released, is the true cause.  On the other end, let's take a couple who has been unable to become pregnant.  One of them blames themselves for the lack of fertility and feels guilty about it.  Over the years the couple never became pregnant and the persons guilt persisted.  Guilt is a very low energy emotion and if allowed to take residence in the persons mind and thus energy field, the low vibration will eventually affect the vibration of the field as a whole and create unbalance.  This will make its way into the physical and manifest as a disease or symptom. 

Old Programming:

The implications of our thoughts as the building block to our perception or reality and directors of the energy field and physical body quickly becomes quite vast.  Throughout our life these things build upon one another.  There is a saying in neuroscience that “what wires together fires together.” This is equally as true with our emotions.  They build off one another and like emotions congregate.  If they become powerful enough, either through singular intensity or chronic habituation, they begin to override the normal functioning of the perfect blueprint for health we are born with.  In Morter Health Systems, this is called a S.E.M.O (Subconscious-emotional-memory-override).  This means that the body will respond to past stimuli in current time.  We know that the human body fully remakes and recycles itself every seven years.  If this is so, how can the body still manifest the same symptoms, and malfunction in the same way for decades upon decades.  The answer is because it’s not present, it is not in the NOW.  It is acting out of old programming. 

Think of the body like a computer.  What is on the desktop, what we can see, is our conscious mind.  The hardware of the computer would be our body, the software would be the energy field and all the past programs previously run on the computer would be the subconscious mind.  When the body is responding to old programming, it is as if an old program is still running in the background.  It may not be visible on the desktop, (our conscious mind), but it is still directing the functioning of the computer (our body) as a whole.  If you have a lot of programs running on your computer, the computer can become slow.  This is just like how dense low vibrational emotions clog up our energy flow.  It is important to note here that just because we can’t see it on the desktop, or aren't aware of it consciously, does not mean it isn't affecting our body.  If it were up to your conscious mind, you would never have symptom or illness in the first place.  These old programs running in the background are like the S.E.M.O mentioned above.  The S.E.M.O/old programming is overriding current functioning to manifest itself through its perception, not reality. 

Fight or Flight:

The Autonomic Nervous System has two primary branches: the sympathetic and parasympathetic.  The sympathetic nervous system is our fight or flight response.  It is what allows us to be active and respond to stressful situations.  If a tiger walks into a room, your sympathetic nervous system will take over, and for good reason. This may look like tensed muscles, dilated pupils, and heightened awareness.  These are all appropriate responses to the situation.  The parasympathetic is the rest/digest and healing system.  It should become dominant in times of relaxation.  Activities of the parasympathetic system shut down when in a sympathetic state.  This looks like diverting energy away from the digestive system when the tiger walks in, an appropriate bodily response for the situation.  The problem is when the sympathetic nervous system never gets turned off and the body is not allowed to go into a fully parasympathetic state.  So when the person is relaxed, the body still is acting like it needs to be in a “fight or flight” mode of operation.  This is what a S.E.M.O does.  It overrides current functioning of the system and forces the body to respond to old programming.  This will make the body feel like it is still experiencing whatever low vibration emotion from the past, even if the person is completely unaware of this.  Ultimately, this means that the body is never allowed to get to a state of healing because it is not in priority.  Once the field becomes balanced, and the body understands that it doesn’t need to react to old programming, it can get to work on healing itself, as it knows how to do best. 

Thus, the goal is to heal the field so that the field can heal the body.  The field and the body will know itself far better than any one person/doctor ever could and if given a chance, it can work miracles effortlessly. 


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