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Private Membership Association

Strahm-Health is a private membership association.  What this means is that in the capacity in which I work under the Strahm-Health PMA, I am not operating under my medical license.  A private membership association moves Strahm-Health from the public sector to the private sector.  Because I am unable to work under my license in this capacity, I am not able to do many of the things licensed physicians are able to do. This means that I cannot do the following: order labs, prescribe medications, give medical diagnoses or give medical advice as if I was working under my license.   This also means that I am not advocating for anyone who joins Strahm-Health to forgo having a primary care physician.  Despite these restrictions however, I am able to do everything an unlicensed person would be free to do under a PMA.  None of the therapies offered in Strahm-Health require a medical license to perform and what does require training, I have certifications for.  These include certifications in: Bio-Energetic-Synchronization-Technique, The-Emergence-Process, Pranic Healing, and Holistic Counseling. Membership Contracts available in person

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