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New Client Submission Form & FAQ's

What to expect: 

At Strahm Health, our purpose is to remove the blockages which are obstructing the energy systems and immune system from perfectly healing the body as it is innately designed to do and to learn over time how to live correctly in accordance with natures laws so that sound health, vitality, and living in inspiration become our new normal.  Our bodies are absolutely, beyond our capacity to understand, PERFECT in everything that they do.  They never make mistakes or do something for no reason at all.  The trick is to understand the language of the body and why it is expressing symptoms which we do not want.  Modern allopathic medicine is geared towards suppressing symptoms and “managing” the body’s chemistry (blood derived labs) through pharmaceutical medications and surgeries.  While these are certainly necessary at certain times, they do not heal the body.  Healing the body involves removing the obstructing agent which caused disease and symptoms in the first place so that the body’s innate healing system can cure itself – which It does perfectly if allowed to. 


There are two main categories which healing can be facilitated through, the biochemical and the bioelectric.  The biochemical deals exclusively with our diet and what we put into and exposure our bodies to.  While this is taught extensively at Strahmhealth, the actions steps to heal this way are all done individually and do not require outside help (besides the education and support). 


The other route is the bioelectric aspect which deals with our nervous system conditioning/patterning, energy fields, energy meridians, suppressed emotions, belief systems, unhealed traumas, spinal balancing/health, etc. 

The body & energy work sessions facilitated at Strahm Health are specifically aimed at removing the obstructions in these parameters which are ultimately holding the body back from healing itself.  Along with this comes a realization and awareness about the factors which produced disease and suffering within the body.


Strahm Health is for those who are at any stage of health, whether that be relatively healthy by all accounts or extremely debilitated.  It is for those who know the body can heal itself if given the opportunity.  It is for those who want to play an active role in their health care now and into the future.  It is for those who want to learn about how to be healthy and avoid disease.  It is for those who want to do more than take a pill for their health and healing.  It is for those who want to make healthcare and health prevention a part of their life. 

Strahm health is not for those who just want annual blood checkups, official medical diagnoses, temporary fixes via medications or a suppression of their symptoms.  However, sometimes these things are necessary and are referred out for.

New clients must fill out the form below and list available times they have for an initial 10-15 discovery phone call to determine if working together would be a good idea.  From there, scheduling an initial visit can happen.  

New client appointments are typically 1.5-2-hours and are $250

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